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Elisa Flynn


March 2020

​I've been working on a whole new bunch of electronic based songs this winter, and since I got my SP-404, I've been cutting up things and making beats, and learning, learning, learning. I decided to start performing some of these as DJ Anubeth (Queen of the Wolves). The first performance is here, as part of the Ambient-Chaos Live Performance channel on YouTube! I'm grateful to be included in this group of performers from all over the world. 

Nov. 2019
The video for Maelstrom is here! Created by my buddy Chris Carlone!

I'm starting to build an Art page here on my site for my visual art. Yes its a little janky, and missing quite a few things, but I'm working on it! For now, you can order anything you see here or on my Instagram page (@elisa_fff)  by sending me a message. I take PayPal for all payments. 

Oct. 2019

Maelstrom is out and available on Bandcamp here. You can also stream it from any streaming service, but remember that artists make far more when you buy their music on Bandcamp than the pennies that they make from streaming platforms. 

Sept. 2019
The new Maelstrom EP comes out on 10/25/19! I'm really excited about this one. We're also finishing a video for the title song and I have a few shows coming up, in Portland, OR and Brooklyn. More to be added soon!

August 2019
I had the honor of being part of the immersive choir performance of Sxip Shirey and Coco Karol's "The Gauntlet," which we performed twice on 8/3 outdoors at Rockefeller Center. It was an amazing experience, and not only was it a vocal workout for all 200+ singers involved, but it was a physical experience for the audiences, who walked around and through the choir as we passed tones, and sang songs of immigration and freedom. 

My new EP is going through its final mix, and a video is in the works for the next single, "Maelstrom," and I'm booking some Fall shows.  More details and dates soon!