Upcoming shows

6/29/19, 8pm

519 Evergreen 

Brooklyn, NY

Closing party for The Art of The Score

with Maharajah Sweets

6/22 - 8/18/19


Art exhibit at Dub Pies

211 Prospect Park West,
​Brooklyn, NY

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Elisa Flynn

August 2019
I had the honor of being part of the immersive choir performance of Sxip Shirey and Coco Karol's "The Gauntlet," which we performed twice on 8/3 outdoors at Rockefeller Center. It was an amazing experience, and not only was it a vocal workout for all 200+ singers involved, but it was a physical experience for the audiences, who walked around and through the choir as we passed tones, and sang songs of immigration and freedom. 

My new EP is going through its final mix, and a video is in the works for the next single, "Maelstrom," and I'm booking some Fall shows.  More details and dates soon!


June 2019

If you haven't yet, don't forget to get my single "Night," available on Bandcamp!!


I'm playing at 519 Evergreen in Brooklyn for the closing party of the exhibition The Art of the Score, with my good friend Maharajah Sweets! on June 29.  (There is no website for this venue; it all takes place in the storefront.)

I've got an a small exhibition of my drawings up in Brooklyn at Dub Pies, running through mid-August. I'll also be adding an art page to this website, more soon...


February 2019

Hey, I know, it's been a while. Well, it was quite the year. But....My new single "Night" will be out on March 28!!!! I'm really excited because it's new and different and gloomy and glowing and you can dance to it. More news, and a website update soon! 


February 2018 
The video for Sugar is out now, and I'm really excited about it.  I'm working on some shows for April/May on the East Coast, and writing, writing, writing for a new EP. 
I also just got a Microkorg, and I'm trying to figure out how to work it in on recordings and live. This EP might be banjos and synths galore. We will see...
But for now, please listen to and buy The World Has Ever Been on Fire. If you buy it  from band camp (where this link leads you) you will help me play more shows,  and record more music. There's also t-shirts and my previous releases there. Every little bit helps!

​November 2017

The World Has Ever Been on Fire is out!!!  Buy the download or CD from me via Bandcamp, or get where all fine digital things are downloadable, including iTunes,  Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, et al.


Catch an interview I did with Casting for Two podcast!


Here's the video for Before He Went Down! 


Adding shows to the tour - see the growing list! And see some new write ups here