February 2019

Hey, I know, it's been a while. Well, it was quite the year. But....My new single "Night" will be out on March 14!!!! I'm really excited because it's new and different and gloomy and glowing and you can dance to it. More news, and a website update soon! 

February 2018 
The video for Sugar is out now, and I'm really excited about it.  I'm working on some shows for April/May on the East Coast, and writing, writing, writing for a new EP. 
I also just got a Microkorg, and I'm trying to figure out how to work it in on recordings and live. This EP might be banjos and synths galore. We will see...
But for now, please listen to and buy The World Has Ever Been on Fire. If you buy it  from band camp (where this link leads you) you will help me play more shows,  and record more music. There's also t-shirts and my previous releases there. Every little bit helps!

​November 2017

The World Has Ever Been on Fire is out!!!  Buy the download or CD from me via Bandcamp, or get where all fine digital things are downloadable, including iTunes,  Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, et al.

Catch an interview I did with Casting for Two podcast!


Here's the video for Before He Went Down! 

Adding shows to the tour - see the growing list! And see some new write ups here

​October 2017

The first  single is out! Get your copy here.

The video will be released at the end of the month and I can't wait!!!

September 2017
A lot has been happening here at Tripeg Lobo central. I am now an official XO Publicity artist, and the work of getting the album out to the world has begun! Soon I'll be announcing the release of the first single and video! The album drops on Nov. 17! 

Tour dates are being set up - I'll be doing a few dates with my good friends Teething Veils and Nice Breeze on the east coast in mid-November. Then the first couple of weeks of Dec., I'll be hitting WA, OR and San Francisco. Dates and info soon!!

May 2017

The campaign is complete, and now the gritty work of finding a PR rep begins. I have my head down, and I'm working my fingers to nubs on the computer to research and find what I need to get this album out. 

The final mixes are done (thanks Arts and Rules). The video for the first single - "Before He Went Down" has been shot and is in Chris Carlone's wacky hands being edited at this very moment. I am hoping to release it in late August.

March 2017

The Indiegogo campaign is live! and I need your help. I'm raising funds to hire a PR company to help promote my new album, and anything you can give is highly appreciated. Click here to see what perks your donation will give you, from downloads to t-shirts. 

Feb. 2017

I have a few new acoustic videos up on YouTube: 
 Syd will be on the new album, and Song For Hazel was written in response to my pal Kevin Robert Thompson's  3 Song Video.


Upcoming shows

3/14/19, 8pm


Greenpoint, Brooklyn

with Mappa Mundi!

Elisa Flynn