Elisa Flynn
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     Fri. 2/6/15
     Branded Saloon, Brooklyn
     Maharajah Sweets 7pm
     Jim Knable 8pm
     Elisa Flynn 9pm

    Tues. 2/24/15
    Tripeg Lobo Presents: Stop Dragging My    
    Heart Around: Murder Ballads

    at The Way Station, Brooklyn
    Sat. 4/11/15
    Elm City Folk Fest, venue TBD

    Wed. 4/15/15
    Troost, Brooklyn
    with Kevin Thompson (of Enablers)

    Fri. 4/17/15
    Tripeg Lobo Presents a Benefit for
    WPKN: Late Night Double Feature Picture
at Best Video, Hamden, CT



I've taken the songs recorded with the lovely Peter Riccio in CT and I'm mixing them here in Brooklyn with Ethan Donaldson, drummer and engineer extraordinaire. This EP will be either 5 or 6 songs and I now need to ruminate most heavily on title, design, etc. It is a much more stripped down and naked recording than I've done in the past, and did it to reflect more of what my live sound has been for the last few years. Although I'm slightly artistically tempted by the idea of a naked photo to match, I think I'll skip that idea. I have a bunch of shows coming up, and with the release of the EP in the spring I am planning to do a lot more, to travel and do some touring. Should I come to your town? Send me an email...


I spent a good part of the last few months making art for a show at Freddy's Bar in Brooklyn. If you're around, go check it out: 
It's up until 11/16. 

Now I'm working like crazy on my song for Late Nite Double Feature Picture Show at the Way Station on 11/12, and endeavoring to finishing the recording with Peter of the Sawtelles by the end of the year. 

I have knelt to the gods of the internet and have just opened a Twitter account. See the button over up above this. 

Recording has been on hold for a few months, due to life, but I'll be starting up again (and finishing it!) soon. 

In July I hosted another Tripeg Lobo - Coney Island Baby: Summer Songs, and a great time was had by all. The next one is on 11/12 and will be songs from and about movies. 

I'm still recording, and contemplating the direction thereof. This time, my goal has been to do something more stripped down and like what I sound like live. After the recording is done and out I plan to do a lot more solo shows. 

In the meantime, Tripeg Lobo carries on!  The second All I've Got is a Photograph show at Cafe Nine was a blast! We had such a great turn out for a crazy variety of songs and approaches. This show featured myself, Lys Guillorn, Julie Beman, Brother Burnett, the Sawtelles, Dave Hogan, George Hakkila, Steve Asetta, An Historic, the Grimm Generation, Dawn Cook, Pony Bird. 

The next show is at my home base, the Way Station, and is called My First Record

Up here in snowy Brooklyn, we are ice bound and slow. But things are on the upswing. After a huge snowstorm, we had a another great Tripeg Lobo show called (The) Civil War(s), featuring songs about the Civil war, the Spanish Civil War, and civil war between people. Despite the ice covered windows at the Way Station, and the foot of snow outside, we rocked on. See a video right there, right next to this, of a new song called "A Soldier's Tale."

The next show is a reprise of the
All I've Got is a Photograph show, which was snowed out in Dec. so we've rescheduled it for March 22 at Cafe Nine in New Haven, CT. Then in April is a new theme at The Way Station - My First Record. 

As for Elisa solo, I'm going back to Peter's to do more recording after a hiatus of many months and hope to get something release ready, in some form, by Spring. 

10/19/13 Wow, having some technical difficulties with this stupid web program...I lost all my previous posts on this page, which is pretty annoying, but what can I do? I'm a musician, dammit, not a web master. 

Once again, I'll be presenting another Tripeg Lobo night at the Way Station. This time it's "
The Only Girl I Ever Loved Was Born with Roses in Her Eyes:" History Songs! I'm going to be singing the title song, in a very different style than the original, plus one of my own. 

Recently I started to do some recording with my old friend and former band mate, Peter Riccio, of the Sawtelles. Whilst staring out into a beautiful green expanse of lawn, with a few very friendly cats at my side, I did basic tracks for three songs last week: "Two Horse Race," "House Called Merciful," and "My Blood." More to come as it develops.
A link to "A Soldier's Tale" at the Way Station, from Jan. 22, 2014. 

Here's a link to a song from a previous Tripeg Lobo Night at the Way Station -
Kill and Kill Again - of Elisa playing "Henry Lee."