Elisa Flynn

May 2017

The campaign is complete, and now the gritty work of finding a PR rep begins. I have my head down, and I'm working my fingers to nubs on the computer to research and find what I need to get this album out. 

The final mixes are done (thanks Arts and Rules). The video for the first single - "Before He Went Down" has been shot and is in Chris Carlone's wacky hands being edited at this very moment. I am hoping to release it in late August.

March 2017

The Indiegogo campaign is live! and I need your help. I'm raising funds to hire a PR company to help promote my new album, and anything you can give is highly appreciated. Click here to see what perks your donation will give you, from downloads to t-shirts. 

Feb. 2017

I have a few new acoustic videos up on YouTube: 
 Syd will be on the new album, and Song For Hazel was written in response to my pal Kevin Robert Thompson's  3 Song Video.


Upcoming shows

Wed. July 26

The Sunken Hundred

Brooklyn, NY

Friday, Aug. 11

Best Video

​With Lys Guillorn and Her Band

Hamden, CT

Wed., Sept. 13

Tripeg Lobo Presents: Fairy Tales!

at The Way Station

683 Washington Ave., 

Brooklyn, NY