March 2017

The Indiegogo campaign is live! and I need your help. I'm raising funds to hire a PR company to help promote my new album, and anything you can give is highly appreciated. Click here to see what perks your donation will give you, from downloads to t-shirts. 

Feb. 2017

About to get the fundraiser into gear! Mixing and mastering are underway, and it sounds amazing. The fundraiser to help me hire a PR firm to promote the album far and wide. I can't wait for everyone to hear it! 

Chris Carlone and I are are working on the first video for the album too - more news on that soon!

In the meantime, I have some gigs coming up (see Upcoming Shows on this page), and an expansion of my Tripeg Lobo themed shows this spring. 

Also I have a few new acoustic videos up on YouTube: 
 Syd will be on the new album, and Song For Hazel was written in response to my pal Kevin Robert Thompson's 3 Song Video. 

Aug. 2016

I just came back from a week and half at CAMP, this time in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC, and I recorded 6 songs that will become my new EP. More info and shows on the way!

July 2016
Summer in the city...soaking in the stench and dirt, writing some songs, playing with my new Korg Volca Sample (!!) and trying to expand my sound in new ways.  Also thinking about recording soon, soon soon!!

Dec. 2015

New York Music Daily just listed My Henry Lee as one of the top 50 Albums of 2015

Lys Guillorn and I ran a fantastic all banjo night at Cafe Nine on Dec. 5, featuring 14 acts playing banjo (or in the case to the fabulous Chica Non Grata, banjo substitutes). 

Nov.  2015
The extraordinarily lovely folk at New York Music Daily wrote a great review of My Henry Lee,  calling it "Flynn’s most nuanced and dynamic album yet."


Upcoming shows

Elisa Flynn

More shows coming soon!